Find the perfect gift for a Paramedic or EMT

First responders live in a fast paced world. We've found the products that will be part of their everyday carry.


Our Favorites

We've collected some of the best tools for Paramedics and EMTs - tools that will be valuable additions to their professional kit. These make perfect gifts!

Medics need a few key things: organization, good tools, and more time! With this set of gifts we've found a few items that will make their lives easier.

These are all practical gifts for a paramedic, and would also be great for an ER doctor. The shears and the stethoscope in particular are fantastic tools for an emergency doctor.

Leatherman Raptor

These are compact trauma shears with a bunch of extra tools that fold nicely and can be clipped to your belt! These have a window breaker, a seat belt cutter, and even a ring cutter. They've packed a lot of practical tools into this set of trauma shears.

3M Littmann® Cardiology IV

This is a fantastic stethoscope for hearing subtle changes. It is certainly a luxury item, and it can be hard to go back to a "daily driver" stethoscope! The definition and clarity are unmatched. The blacked out model is also stealthy - if you happen to be into that. They have some cheery pastel colors too!

Victorinox Pioneer Knife

A compact and nearly indestructible little pocket knife. I've carried mine for fifteen years and it's a stout little tool. I like this Alox model. It doesn't have tweezers or a toothpick, but it's a lot slimmer than plastic sided versions. The leather awl on this one can be handy for punching small holes into things. We used to recommend the smaller version without scissors, but lately we think they are worth having.

Write in the rain notebook

Waterproof paper for note taking in the worst conditions. I'm from the Northwest, and this is particularly great for ski patrol notes. There are versions of it available for SOAP notes that flip from the top, but I prefer this notebook style binding for general use.


Small Gifts

Small gifts that are sure to brighten the day of a medic that you love!

Sometimes it's the little things that make a day go smoothly. We've been keeping an eye out for some small tools that make all the difference.

If you needed a small graduation gift for a paramedic or EMT, these would be a great place to start.

Bottle Opener

This is cute - it's a bottle opener that is shaped like a Laryngoscope.

Pocket Guide

The ultimate pocket reference! A quick reference for drugs and pediatric dosages. It's full of easy to use and practical information

Nescafe Azera Instant Coffee

This can save a long shift or the morning after working a string of nights. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Starbucks was once the reigning king of instant coffee, but after reviewing them again in 2023, this one is our favorite.

Conterra Rescuer's Pouch

This small pouch is designed for holding a set of Purcell prusiks and a Scarab, but it is a great size for holding a pharmacology reference book and any other must-have items.

Victorinox Belt Clip

A handy keychain clip that won't damage your belt and securely holds a keychain. You don't have to take off you belt to put this on, and that can be a real time saver in the morning!