Find the perfect gift for a Paramedic or EMT

First responders live in a fast paced world. We've found the products that will be part of their everyday carry.


Our Favorites

We've collected some of the best tools for Paramedics and EMTs - tools that will be valuable additions to their professional kit. These make perfect gifts!

Medics need a few key things: organization, good tools, and more time! With this set of gifts we've found a few items that will make their lives easier.

Leatherman Raptor

Compact trauma shears with a bunch of extra tools! Quick! Where is your ring cutter? There's one ON THESE SHEARS! Brilliant!

Littmann Master Cadiology

The best stethoscope available today! It might be overkill, and it might just ruin you for a basic model! The definition and clarity are unmatched.

Victorinox Alox Knife

A compact and nearly indestructible little pocket knife. I've carried mine for fifteen years, and it's a stout little tool.

Write in the rain notebook

Waterproof paper for note taking in the worst conditions. I'm from the Northwest, and this is particularly great for ski patrol notes.


Small Gifts

Small gifts that are sure to brighten the day of a medic that you love!

Sometimes it's the little things that make a day go smoothly. We've been keeping an eye out lately for some small tools that make all the difference.

Pocket Light

An LED for your pocket! Clip this to your shirt pocks and it projects a nice light onto a clipboard for writing in a dark scene.

Pocket Guide

The ultimate pocket reference! A quick reference for drugs and pediatric dosages. It's full of easy to use and practical information

Paramedic Cuff Links

For the more dressy occasions, show off the career that your medic loves! Ok, we know these aren't for the field, but sometimes a french cuff is a dressy must!

Starbucks Via Coffee

This is the best instant coffee available. I've tried them all. This is it. Life giving, blessed, coffee. Right now.

Victorinox Belt Clip

A handy keychain clip that won't damage your belt and securely holds a keychain.